DISH Seafood Products brand belongs to our ready-to-eat bottled product category. From
dried and fresh seafood to meat products, making unconventional dining experience from the products we grew up with.

DISH Tuyo Series

Made from high-quality dried herring/tawilis which is native to the Philippines. Mixed with different spices and infused in corn and olive oil.

Different Flavor, different kick!

Dish Original Gourmet Tuyo

Dish Spicy Gourmet Tuyo

Dish Premium Gourmet TuyoAvailable in 100g and 200g bottles​

Dish Classic Gourmet Labahita

Made from dried labahita or surgeon fish. Infused with spices in corn oil.  A chunkier fish meat from our ready-to-eat bottled products. Carefully flaked chunks of fish meat to enjoy it to its last piece.

Available in 100g and 200g bottles​

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